July 17, 2024

19 Coolest New Tech Gadgets of This Year

19 Coolest New Tech Gadgets of This Year
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Every year, Good Housekeeping Institute editors and analysts attend CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to get an insider’s look at the latest and greatest products that will be hitting store shelves and e-carts in the coming year. Last year, this massive trade show went entirely virtual due to COVID-19, and with the latest Omicron variant, this year’s show is hybrid, with some physical attendance in Las Vegas and some virtual announcements and events. The 2022 show still had more than 2,200 exhibitors displaying the latest innovations from an industry that’s poised to pass the $500 billion mark.

CES started by predominantly highlighting consumer electronics like phones and TVs, but it has expanded to include anything and everything that touches tech — which is a whole lot! Breakthrough innovations in electronics still abound, but the show now encompasses concept and soon-to-come autos, smart kitchen appliances, innovative wellness and fitness products, beauty gadgets, parenting must-haves and more.

CES is a lot to take in, especially now that technology impacts just about every aspect of our lives. But at the Good Housekeeping Institute, our engineers and testers are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest tech; they’re immersed in innovation year-round through our ongoing reviews of products across a range of categories, including smart home, entertainment, autos, health, beauty and more. We brought that expert eye to this year’s CES in Las Vegas, canvassing for products that are bold, innovative and have the potential to improve your life in meaningful ways, whether it’s ensuring a better night sleep or helping monitor your heart health. Of course, we haven’t had the chance to test any products in our labs yet, but we aim to do so once they hit the market in the coming months. We’ll also keep you posted on pricing and availability.

Below, our Editor’s Choice picks from CES 2022, featuring the products and gadgets that have our editors, engineers, scientists and product analysts most excited:

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Long-Range Electric Pickup Truck

2024 Silverado EV


A major trend at the show was the growing electrification of vehicles, alongside improvements to advanced driver-assist technologies. Front and center was talk about batteries in electric variants allowing for longer range. That’s most definitely the case with the all-new Chevy Silverado EV, powered by Ultium battery packs; the truck is marketed to get up to 400 miles range when it hits the roads in 2023. Like the Hummer EV models, it is said the electric pickup truck will also be built in Chevy’s Michigan plant. 

Expected release: Spring 2023, starting at $42,000

Innovative Hair Coloring Experience



You may be wondering what haircare has to do with a tech show. L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Tech Incubator unveiled an innovative hair coloring device called Colorsonic. The handheld tool is designed to allow for personalized, precise mixes that can be easily dispensed and applied at home. Our Beauty Lab pros can’t wait to get their hands — and heads — on it! 

Expected release: Early 2023

Connected Health Station

Body Scan


Withings, a company known for its connected health tech products, has announced plans for Body Scan. The system is designed to monitor body composition and heart rate using a smart scale connected to a retractable handle, which together consist of sensors and electrodes for analysis. Planned updates to the associated app will collect feedback on nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management and will allow access to medical professional within the app.

Expected release:
Second half of 2022, pending CD/FDA clearance

Smarter Bathing Technology



PerfectFill is a smart bathing system, designed to fill a tub via voice control or app, but this tech takes it a step further than other fillers by integrating a smart drain. The technology allows for a bath to be drawn at the ideal temperature and fill level. While our pros have seen smart bath fillers, our Home Improvement Director, Dan DiClerico, who got to see the product firsthand, noted he liked the integration of the drain, which makes it truly automated. When available, it will be sold as a drain kit (drain assembly and controller) that can be paired with a Kohler digital valve, spout and bath. 

Expected release: Available to order in 2022, estimated price starting at $2,700

Customizable High-Tech Fridge

Bespoke French-Door Refrigerator


Design is at the center of Samsung’s newest line of appliances, which includes this Bespoke French Door refrigerator with Family Hub. It comes in a 3- or 4-door style, 12 different colors and 2 different finishes. The best part is that you can choose your own unique color combinations. With the Family Hub, you’ll be able to stream Samsung TV Plus, a new feature for 2022; use it with Alexa-enabled devices; and enjoy an upgraded version of the internal camera technology.

Expected release: Later this year

Smart Sleep Solution

All-New 360 Smart Bed

Sleep Number

Good Housekeeping Seal-holder Sleep Number has continually impressed us with innovative solutions for offering consumers a restful night’s sleep. The brand’s latest smart bed integrates sensors and technologies to respond to the evolving needs of the sleeper(s). As everyone’s individualized comfort varies, the bed can adjust accordingly. The bed can vary the heating or cooling on each side of the bed, sense snoring and adjust the head of the bed as needed, tilt to better maintain proper spinal alignment while elevating the head or completely lower and elevate to help sleepers get in and out of bed more readily. In the future, the integrated sensors may also be capable of helping detect and monitor other health conditions.

Expected release: Early 2023. All 360 smart beds start at $1,099

Nailable Solar Shingle

Timberline Solar

GAF Energy

Our Engineering team’s in-depth review of GAF’s Good Housekeeping Seal-holding roofing has confirmed how ultra-strong and long-lasting it is. That’s why we were so excited to learn about the new Timberline Solar from its sister company, GAF Energy. The solar shingles are designed to be installed like a regular roof shingle with a nail gun! The company offers all-in-one solar solutions for roofers, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality or convenience. Manufactured in San Jose, California, the product achieved UL 7103 certification in the fall of 2021, meaning it can be classified as a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roof covering that can be installed on residential roofs as a roofing + solar energy product.

Expected release: This year

Smart Lock Innovation

Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt


Smart door locks offer homeowners greater flexibility, providing convenience without sacrificing security by allowing you to lock, unlock and monitor lock activity in real time. Now, for the first time in the US, this smart lock solution will support Apple’s home keys for iPhone or Apple Watch, meaning homeowners don’t even need to unlock their device to unlock their door! The new lock will work with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant as well, plus the Schlage Home app. Our home editors are also appreciative that the hardware will be available in an assortment of styles and finishes! 

Expected release: Spring 2022 and will retail for $300

Fully Autonomous Tractor

Fully Autonomous Tractor

John Deere

John Deere, a brand well-known for its capable tractors, announced it has a fully autonomous tractor ready for large-scale production. It will combine the 8R tractor with a host of new advanced technologies. The introduction is meant to help more efficiently feed the globe, given that feed demand has increased and yet there is less available land. While this device will be geared to farmers, we can’t wait for the tech to trickle down to machines for our backyards!

Expected release: Later this year

Leveled-Up Laundry Experience

FX Washer and Dryer


We’re no strangers to reviewing the latest and greatest washers and dryers at Good Housekeeping. LG continues to innovate in this space, as it has with its new FX laundry duo. It leverages intelligence to detect load size, fabric types and soil levels and will auto-adjust the optimal wash cycle and how much detergent is dispensed. The dryer then “speaks” to the washer to pick the correct cycle for the load coming its way and to preheat for quicker dry times. There are also more downloadable cycles, like pet care, and the washer self cleans on its own. While we have yet to test this model, LG washer and dryers always fare well in our tests, and we can’t wait to take these for a spin. Based upon what she’s seen, our Cleaning Appliances Director, Carolyn Forte, notes they will likely “make doing laundry easier than ever!”

Expected release: September 2022. The FX Washer and Electric Dryer will be priced at $1,599 a piece, and the FX Gas Dryer will be $1,699.

Mini and Mighty Combi-Oven

7-in-1 HomeChef Compact Oven


Built-in combi-steam ovens have been trending in the large appliance space, but more and more companies are starting to introduce countertop versions. This 7-in-1 version from Panasonic can steam, convection bake, air fry, ferment, sterilize and more. Our Kitchen Appliances Director, Nicole Papantoniou, notes that Panasonic toaster ovens have performed well in our previous tests, so we’re keen to get our hands on this one to assess.

Expected release: It will be available for $500 in April 2022

Multi-Function Over-the-Range Microwave

Over-the-Range Microwave Oven


There have been some neat innovations in the microwave category, but none that have blown us away since air frying started being incorporated into some models a couple of years ago. The newest over-the-range microwave from LG can steam cook for juicer results, a trend Papantoniou is starting to see more and more. It also features a large ventilation surface for more efficient venting. The microwave links to the ThinQ app, which includes shoppable recipes.

Expected release:
This year

Next-Level Smart Faucet

Smart Faucet with Motion Control


Building upon the existing Moen Smart Faucet product, the brand has now layered motion controls on a new handle-free design. In our labs, we’ve tested voice controls via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and we enjoy the ability to dispense precise measures of water with just our voice. Now, you can also ask for specific temperatures, say two cups at 100 degrees. What we were even more excited about was the announced integration with the smart faucet and other smart water products — including a sump pump monitor, water monitor and shutoff, leak detector and smart shower controller — through Moen’s Smart Water Network. The smart devices will soon be able to communicate with one another to help prevent potential damage caused by leaks or burst pipes.  

Expected release: The new faucets will be available for purchase in April 2022; they start at $675 and vary based on style and finish.

Auto-Empty Cordless Stick Vacuum

CordZero All-in-One Cordless Stick Vacuum


We’ve done our fair share of stick vac testing at the Good Housekeeping Institute. This particular model stores, with its six attachments, in a self-emptying tower for a sleek, neat, clean vacuum system. The design includes a telescopic wand so you can adjust to reach further when cleaning and condense when storing. And you can detach the hand vacuum for easier spot cleaning. It is also WiFi connected, so you can run diagnostics on the ThinQ app as needed. Forte is impressed because this system will solve the common issues of messy emptying, difficult storage and lost attachments.

Expected release: Available now for $999

Bigger and Brighter TV

Micro LED TV


As at all CES shows, TVs took center stage. Bigger, brighter, thinner and overall just grander tends to be the natural progression. This year was no different for all of our favorite TV brands. The one that really stood out though was the new state-of-the-art Micro LED lineup from Samsung. The massive displays (up to 178″ with the modular system!) deliver incredible visual quality, color contrast and color accuracy upon first look. Plus, they’re loaded with new usability and customization features, including Dolby Atmos premium audio experience, and Multi View, whereby you can pull content from four different sources simultaneously. These new units will seamlessly blend into your living space with an imperceivable bezel and razor-thinness. 

Expected release: This year, available in pre-configured 89″, 101″ and 110″ versions.

Sleek and Smart Air Purifier

EverestAir Smart True HEPA Air Purifier


Seal-holding brand Levoit has impressed us with its HVAC products, ranging from humidifiers we love to effective air purifiers. That’s why we were so excited to learn more about the company’s latest air purifier entrant: the EverestAir, which incorporates smart control through the VeSync app and provides a modern aesthetic. Home Improvement Director DiClerico was pretty wowed. He summed it up, “It offers a sleek design, smart controls with real-time air quality updates and impressive air cleaning.”

Expected release: Spring 2022

Meta Fitness Experience

Liteboxer VR


Another major trend of the trade show was talk around the metaverse. Think of it as the next-gen of the Internet, whereby consumers increasingly immerse themselves in connected digital and virtual experiences. While the metaverse is taking on many different forms, one we were excited by was the prospect of it being linked to our fitness endeavors, as with the newly announced Liteboxer VR. Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) will allow users to virtually re-create Liteboxer’s boxing equipment with in-app trainers and workouts. Our Media and Tech reviews analyst, Olivia Lipski, who saw the system in use firsthand, liked that you don’t need to purchase any boxing equipment and that you have the option of working out with a trainer or just to the music you like. She noted that it “felt like a fun video game and is definitely a unique way to get people off the couch and moving!”

Expected release: March 3, 2022

Self-Tracking Backpack

Cypress Hero Backpack


Targus, a brand known for quality, affordable laptop cases and computing accessories, showcased a new bag with built-in location tracking. Integrating with Apple Find My Technology, it’s designed to help you locate the pack from anywhere using the Find My app should it be misplaced –or help you use the backpack to track a lost phone. Similar to other bags in the Cypress Hero EcoSmart line, the company claims it is made from 26 plastic bottles.

Expected release: Spring or Summer 2022 for $150

All-in-One Projector

The Freestyle


Since we’ve all been spending more time at home, projectors, lights and speakers have been highly coveted items with our readers. Samsung took it one step further, incorporating all three into a single device with The Freestyle. The portable device can be easily moved about, showcasing high-quality video and audio from just about anywhere (you can purchase a separate battery for an entirely wireless option). Think RV trip across the US, outdoor movies, funky art in your living room or a fun show in your kids’ playroom. Lipski, who got to interact with the device at the show, was excited because the “HD picture quality and brightness were impressive for such a small device, and it includes surround sound for a cinema feel.” 

Expected release: Available now for pre-order for $900

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