May 22, 2024

20 Amazing Future Technologies That Will Change the World in The Next 30 Years

20 Amazing Future Technologies That Will Change the World in The Next 30 Years

Future TechnologyTechnology in all sectors of the economy keeps evolving. Our expert Michelle Thomas (check profile), shares with us 20 amazing future technologies that will change Canada and the world in the next 30 years:

Working in VR

Virtual reality is a technological trend to look out for as it will change the gaming industry big time. With the introduction of gaming goggles and masks, VR will keep evolving to ensure that players experience the thrill of the games. 


Unlike Wi-Fi which uses radio waves, Li-Fi uses light waves which travel faster. It has already been experimented with and may soon be adopted. 

Heart Monitoring Clothing

Gadgets that monitor your heart rate are not a new trend. There exist many wearable gadgets that you can use to measure your heart rate. However, the heart monitoring t-shirt is a trend to look out for. The t-shirt is designed with algorithms to accurately measure your heartbeat and detect any irregularity in the functioning of your heart. 

Cloud Gaming

You can play games in the cloud and access a no deposit bonus Canada and other bonus offers on various Canadian casinos. You are not required to have a console but can stream a game live from your PC, TV, or smartphone. The introduction of no bets no deposit casinos is something that online gamblers are already enjoying. 

Artificial Eyes

The world is full of people who are visually impaired. The condition may be permanent, meaning that no cure is available. However, technology has proven that this may change. Scientists are working around the clock to ensure that they can transplant artificial corneas to visually impaired people. 

Space Tourism

Scientists are working hard to ensure that it is possible to tour space. It is speculated that in the next 30 years, it will be possible for you to book a seat in a spaceship and tour space. 

Self-Driving Cars

Companies are putting money into research to engineer self-driving cars. With companies like Tesla already being successful in developing an autopilot mode in some of their vehicles, self-driving car technology is the next big thing

Flying Vehicles

Traffic is a real menace in today’s world. The number of cars on our roads keeps increasing by the day. So scientists are working hard to produce flying cars which can reduce congestion on our roads. 

Robot House Managers

Robots have been in Canada for quite some time. However, they keep getting better. For example, technology is proving that in the coming years, we may have robots as house managers who can help you with chores in the house like cleaning and even cooking.

Floating Roads and Bridges

As the days go by, space is becoming a national concern. This is because of the growth of the population. Soon we may start experiencing floating roads and bridges over our rivers and oceans. Not only will they be floating, but they also possess the ability to fold. 

Solar Panel Technology

Solar has now become an alternative source of power. Compared to electricity, solar energy is cheap to generate. Soon we may see solar being used to power vehicles and even airplanes. In addition, solar panels continue to be built in modern ways, making them more convenient. Some people may think that going solar is the only way to reduce their monthly electricity bills but forget that choosing a trusted and efficient electricity provider for their home like Gexa Energy (has discounted rates on Home Energy Club) could be a huge help to reduce their monthly expenses.

HyperFast Trains

Research is underway to establish hyper-fast trains. These trains will possess the ability to travel even underwater. This will improve the transport sector as well as improve people’s livelihood. 

Gesture-Based Computing

Soon we will not be constrained by normal computer tools like a keyboard or a mouse. Instead, it will be possible to command a computer by displaying actions and gestures. 

Wearable Screens

Soon you may not need to carry your phone or laptop. Research is in place to implant devices on the human body with a system to project screens on your palm. 

Smart Health Mirrors

Research is in place to develop mirrors that can detect whether you are ill or need a doctor’s checkup. The mirror will be linked to your doctor, who determines whether you are in a good state of health. 

5G connectivity

Technology is proving to improve the internet. The development of 5G will ensure efficient use of the internet with fast internet speeds. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is changing how we live. AI technology has been integrated into all devices and will only get better as time goes by. 

Internet for Everyone

Most people in the world have access to the internet. However, a smaller percentage of the world’s population isn’t connected. The development of technology will ensure that everyone in the world will have access to the internet in the coming years. 

Fast Charging Car Batteries 

Electric vehicles have already been used in the world. However, research is underway to develop old car batteries that can be charged in less than ten minutes. 

Floating Farms

In the next couple of years, we may see farms that float on land. This is still under research. 

The future may not be certain, but technology will certainly keep improving and changing different sectors such as online gambling, automotive, and healthcare, to mention a few.