April 21, 2024

Can an operating system be transferred from one PC to another?

Can an operating system be transferred from one PC to another?

Q: For much more than six yrs now, I’ve been working an HP Pavillion making use of two 500 GB SSD drives. I do a month-to-month graphic backup to an external stable-condition drive. Everything’s been functioning fantastic, but I want to be well prepared for a failure that will involve transferring on to a new Laptop at any time.

I like to have an plan of what I’ll need to do in progress of this party, so I’ll be a lot more comfortable being aware of what to do when the inescapable happens. Will it be doable to transfer my present running program to a new Pc, with everything intact, or will I require to commence from “scratch.”

Jim Locatelli

A: By “image backup” I’m assuming you necessarily mean a “system image.” A Windows process picture is an actual copy of the procedure partition or the full challenging push, such as the running system, and any mounted applications and details information. Anything will be configured as it was when you upload the system image.

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Generating a procedure impression is fantastic if your computer system meets with a recoverable calamity. But if you want to set up the system image to a new personal computer it’s a lot extra complex. In temporary, you have to have develop that procedure graphic on an exterior drive, as you have carried out, that you can transfer to the new personal computer. Then you require to purchase software package to make the new laptop or computer bootable and able to accessibility your external generate and duplicate the method picture.

What’s extra, when you purchase a pc with the Home windows running procedure previously put in, the license is generally tied to that components. I wouldn’t depend on it doing work if it’s set up on a distinctive laptop or computer.

My program for laptop catastrophe is initially to make guaranteed all my information is backed up to a machine that isn’t in the same location as the laptop or computer. If you back again up to an exterior generate, retailer it elsewhere so that it will not be harmed by a fire or flood that may possibly just take out your laptop. With that in thoughts, I have my knowledge documents instantly backing up to cloud storage.

If you do not want to reinstall your plans and your aged personal computer is even now usable you can obtain a transfer software this sort of as LapLink’s PCmover ($39.95).

Q: I browse your response to a reader’s concern in which you make quite transient reference to iPad facts, which amazed me. I have been a Mac person from the starting of its existence. I’m an “old-timer” in my mid-80s and I am usually attempting to keep up with computer system technologies, which is a dropping struggle. I commonly skip studying your column because I imagined you only examine the competition. Am I erroneous?

Phil Relnick, Woodinville

A: For the previous several yrs, I’ve answered tech thoughts across operating methods — Home windows, iOS, OSX, Android and even on situation Linux. I suspect, nevertheless, that not that many individuals are informed of this due to the fact the large bulk of thoughts I get are about Home windows and Android.

So, talk to absent. If I don’t know the solution I’ll do what I can to obtain it.