December 6, 2023

Digital sustainability: Creating a new digital world with green technology innovations

When it comes to sustainability, many of us first think about key issues such as the importance of carbon emissions, switching to renewable energy and cutting back on wasteful products such as plastic. These concepts are more popular and well-known when we think about ways to address concerns with our environment. And, there are of course alternative solutions and methods available such as walking and cycling more, switching to energy-efficient lighting or opting for electric/hybrid cars or solar panels. While these should absolutely remain top of the agenda, it is important to also consider the role of a more sustainable internet and underlying communication network. 

Our reliance on a more digital world, and continued bandwidth growth are key indicators that networks are increasingly important in everything we do. From basic communication to remote work and healthcare or online shopping, the internet and the underlying telecom network can help enable a more sustainable future. In addition, as more people opt for digital ways to live and work, it is critical to think about the impact this has and how we can make networks more sustainable with the demand for more improved services and accelerated speeds. The good news is that this is possible thanks to the continued technology advancements and new innovations that push the boundaries of physics and improve the efficiency or our networks, forging a path for a green networking approach. The role of our digital world