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Federal Circuit Patent Watch: Patent Claims Found To Lack Patentable Subject Matter Because They Used “Functional Language, At A High Level Of Generality And Divorced From Any Computer Technology” – Patent

Federal Circuit Patent Watch: Patent Claims Found To Lack Patentable Subject Matter Because They Used “Functional Language, At A High Level Of Generality And Divorced From Any Computer Technology” – Patent

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Precedential Federal Circuit Viewpoints

1. Nature SIMULATION&#13
10/17/2022) (Newman, Lourie, and Dyk)

Newman, J. The Courtroom reversed a&#13
district courtroom judgment that the asserted patent promises ended up&#13
invalid as indefinite. The Courtroom held that “the district court&#13
erred on the legal normal for assert indefiniteness, and that on&#13
the correct common the promises are not indefinite.” The Court docket&#13
spelled out that the claimed topic subject was an enhancement on&#13
certain known solutions and “partakes of recognised usages for these&#13
proven systems.” The Court docket concluded that the&#13
standard techniques referenced in the patent were being “sufficiently&#13
very well proven in the art” that the statements were not&#13

2. IBM v. ZILLOW Team,&#13
(2021-2350, 10/17/2022) (Reyna, Hughes, and&#13

Hughes, J. The Court affirmed a&#13
district court’s judgment on the pleadings that two patents&#13
ended up invalid mainly because they claimed summary strategies that are&#13
ineligible for patenting less than 35 U.S.C. § 101. With regard&#13
to the initial patent, the Court stated that the claims are&#13
directed to the abstract techniques of “presenting a map, getting a&#13
consumer decide on a portion of that map, and then synchronizing the map&#13
and its corresponding listing to show a a lot more confined facts set to&#13
the consumer.” In addition, the Court docket discovered that the claims do not&#13
include any creative concept to the abstract notion due to the fact the claim&#13
“limits use purposeful language, at a higher level of&#13
generality and divorced from any personal computer engineering, to recite the&#13
claimed functions.” With regard to the next patent, the&#13
Court held that the statements are “directed to the summary thought&#13
of organizing and exhibiting visual data.” The Courtroom&#13
also concluded that the promises do not increase any inventive notion to&#13
the summary concept because the promises “basically utilized&#13
nicely-understood, program, or conventional technologies (a&#13
basic-purpose computer) to extra rapidly resolve the difficulty of&#13
layering and exhibiting visible details.”

(2021-2093, 11/01/2022) (Prost, Reyna, and&#13

Reyna, J. The Courtroom&#13
reversed-in-element, vacated-in-section, and remanded the district&#13
court’s summary judgment of invalidity for selected patents&#13
“directed to programs and solutions for detecting personal computer&#13
viruses in a ‘Downloadable’ by means of a safety&#13
profile.” The district courtroom had observed the patents invalid as&#13
indefinite centered on its construction of the declare time period&#13
“Downloadable.” The Courtroom reversed the district&#13
court’s assert construction and vacated its indefiniteness&#13
determination, concluding that the time period “Downloadable” as&#13
utilised in the asserted patents usually means: “an executable or&#13
interpretable software system, which is downloaded from a&#13
resource pc and run on the vacation spot computer.”

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