May 28, 2024

Hackensack Meridian JFK University Medical Center Now Offers The Most Advanced Robotic Bronchoscopy Technology in Central New Jersey

Hackensack Meridian JFK University Medical Center Now Offers The Most Advanced Robotic Bronchoscopy Technology in Central New Jersey

Dr. Faiz Bhora

New process gives far better navigation and balance than standard strategies to receive lung tissue to test for most cancers  

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Hackensack Meridian JFK University Healthcare Heart is happy to announce that it now gives the most state-of-the-art robotic bronchoscopy technologies to deal with a difficult element of lung biopsy by enabling physicians to much better visualize and maneuver deep within the lungs to get lung tissue samples. JFK University Professional medical Center is the first medical center in central New Jersey to have this know-how. 

“Our new Ion Bronchoscopy program is a robotic-assisted minimally invasive biopsy platform. It options an extremely-slender, extremely-maneuverable catheter that makes it possible for navigation much into the lung, reaching more compact airways, explained Faiz Y. Bhora, MD, FACS, chair of medical procedures, and main of thoracic operation, central region, Hackensack Meridian Overall health. “This platform’s unparalleled stability enables the precision necessary for biopsy compared to handbook strategies and the skill to diagnose lung most cancers at the earliest phase when it is most treatable.

“The Ion bronchoscopy process enables for greater precision, far more attain, much more stability and previously analysis to assistance our workforce of thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists and oncologists make the most effective diagnostic and cure ideas,” reported Amie Thornton, president, chief healthcare facility govt. “We are extremely delighted to supply this new technology to individuals with lung nodules who should have the absolute most effective treatment offered today.”

Utilizing the Ion system, the medical doctor manages a controller to move the bronchoscope with precision. Even though the doctor controls the robotic program, a three-dimensional map of the patient’s lung is revealed on a pc display. This allows the doctor to see exactly where by the bronchoscope is in the person’s lung letting biopsy of really tiny nodules, and guides the physician to get to the nodule, significantly like GPS in a motor vehicle.

In addition, this new technological know-how will be component of The Advanced Lung and Airway Centre at JFK College Medical Center. This software screens, diagnoses and treats clients with both equally cancerous and non-cancerous issues that influence respiration. The multidisciplinary team consists of environment renowned thoracic surgeons who specialize in state-of-the-art robotic surgical procedures for lung cancer, esophageal cancer, mediastinal tumors, and other surgical disorders within just the chest and trachea. In addition, our thoracic surgeons collaborate with interventional pulmonologists and ENT surgeons to give specialized treatment for the most elaborate airway conditions.