May 28, 2024

How to find the right baggage scanner for security

How to find the right baggage scanner for security

In certain industries, it is necessary to have a baggage scanner to check for dangerous or illegal materials. Depending on the type of security it is possible to choose between a regular baggage scanner or an x ray hand baggage inspection system. Regular baggage scanners are used for large luggage, for example in airports. But these baggage scanners are also perfect to use for packages that are transported abroad. Other industries where hand baggage and regular baggage scanners with x-ray are used, are public security, havens, airports, and aviation. It is very important to check if there are no illegal substances transported due to the law and safety. The scanners can also be used for events, in public government buildings, customs facilities, mass transit stations, and critical infrastructure points.

Specifications of hand baggage scanners

If you are looking for a hand baggage scanner it is important to see if the scanner that you are considering fits the right specifications for the job it will be used for. First of all, the dimensions need to be checked to see if the luggage or packages will fit through. Secondly, almost all of the scanners nowadays have x-ray technology and a good screen. If you want to see more details or the scanner needs to be able to detect certain contraband with a lower false alarm rate it is important to consider which scanner is the right fit for your company. Depending on the system it will be able to generate high-resolution 3D images, digital radiography images and a CT slice. The speed of the belt is another thing to consider. If you work with customers that are passing through you might want to use a high-speed belt, so the waiting lines can be reduced. For example, certain baggage scanners can screen up to 1800 bags per hour, while others are a lot slower. For challenging operational environments like airports, customs, and sensitive facilities higher speed is a must.

What can a baggage scanner detect?

Baggage scanners and hand baggage scanners can detect different materials. Think about explosives, narcotics, liquid explosives, and certain contraband that have a lower false alarm rate. A baggage scanner for hand luggage is a great way to avoid potential dangerous manual inspections and it will reduce divestitures. If you need to scan for threats in more difficult locations like vehicle doors, walls, mechanical parts, tires or commercial goods then it might be a good idea to choose a handheld backscatter inspection system.