June 24, 2024

How to Increase Security at Your Home’s Entrance

How to Increase Security at Your Home’s Entrance

How to Increase Security at Your Home’s Entrance

As a homeowner, one of your main responsibilities is to protect your home against any threats. Your home must be as secure as possible from all areas, but there are some parts of a home that are more prone to break-ins than others. One of the most vulnerable areas in any home is the entrance, which is why homeowners must make sure that the entrance to their home is fully secure at all times.

Fortunately, with the help of prior experience and smart security, you can add more layers of security to make your home perfectly safe. There are gadgets such as security cameras and Ring video doorbells that may be able to help your home become the perfect living space, but you must select a gadget that best fits your home’s needs. The following are some ways to increase security at your home’s entrance so that you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Video Doorbell

To improve entrance anywhere, you must get complete control of the area. This means that only the homeowner should be allowed to provide access to that particular area of the house. When it comes to a home’s entrance, a video doorbell is an excellent gadget to help add this layer of security to your home.

Using a video doorbell, homeowners can remotely monitor the area around their home’s front entrance. This creates a sense of security that is otherwise difficult since you always have to get the door manually and allow the visitor some sort of access to your home in order to interact with them.

With a video doorbell, you can have these interactions from anywhere within your home through cameras installed outside your home. Clear audio and video will allow you to easily see who has visited, and whether or not you would like to let them inside. You can do this using an access code, which is the safest possible way to give someone access to your home.

Do Not Leave It Unattended

One of the easiest ways for intruders to find out your home is vacant and vulnerable is if you leave clues that suggest this. This means that there should be no mail piled up at the front door, no withered plants or lights which haven’t been switched on in days. These are all indications that a home is vacant, and that no one is keeping a check on things. This makes your home much more open to intrusions, which puts your valuables at a huge risk.

To avoid this, get someone you trust to frequently check in on your home when you go on vacation, or leave town for any other reason. Whenever you go away for an extended period of time, make sure someone is keeping track of things as far as the maintenance of your home goes. Tricks as simple as turning on the porch light can even help drive away potential intruders.

Replace Lock

Just like everything else in your home, the lock on your front door can also become less effective with time. The lock is a very important thing to keep track of since keys can be misplaced and anyone can have access to your home through a regular lock – this way, it becomes compromised and your home can easily be broken into. To avoid this, make sure to be very careful with how you handle keys. If you don’t have a smart lock, you must never give out keys to friends and relatives unless is absolutely necessary, or hide it outside when going somewhere.

It can also be very helpful to check the locks on your doors every few months to make sure that they are working properly. Just like the rest of your home requires maintenance and checkups, the locks on your windows and doors should also be monitored, so you can have more peace of mind regarding the safety of your home.

Improve Lighting in the Area

Lighting can contribute a lot to your home’s safety. It adds visibility and ensures that no part of your home is dark or easy to sneak past. Paired with security cameras, lighting can make your home a lot easier to monitor. You can control them remotely and create the perfect ambience for your home, which is very convenient since these lights are eco-friendly and can be used much more frequently than normal incandescent bulbs.

Another good option for entrance security is floodlights; these lights can be used to send away anyone you don’t want around your home, since their brightness can often be somewhat intimidating. These lights will also allow you to see much better.

By improving the lighting, you add a lot more functionality to your home, which can make you feel much safer at night. Smart lights are a good way to go, since a lot of them have motion sensors to ensure that you never have to navigate your way through the dark.


A home is a place where you keep all your valuables. It is meant to be your most comfortable space and has to be protected from any harm at all times. Having better security at the entrance will ensure that you feel much safer, which ends up having a significant impact on everything else you do throughout the day. There are a few different things you can do to strengthen security at your home’s entrance, and these tips are a few of the most effective methods to do this.