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RIBER deploys MBE technology to support quantum computing

RIBER deploys MBE technology to support quantum computing

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RIBER deploys MBE engineering to assistance quantum computing elements

Bezons, December 20, 2022 – 8am – RIBER, a world wide market place leader for semiconductor market machines, has additional strengthened its development on the quantum processor supplies market in 2022.

By means of EPICENTRE, a Joint Laboratory with LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse, set up in June 2021, RIBER has began to deploy the systems creating it attainable to develop the core components of future-era quantum computers. These are based on the bodily phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which occurs when two elementary particles – two electrons (electrical particles) or two photons (mild particles) – share similar parameters even however they are pretty considerably apart.

This necessitates stringent disorders for their production natural environment, which ought to be extremely-pure, extremely-controlled and ultra-cold, with one-atom precision.
The systems readily available to deliver these effectiveness amounts involve MBE, the materials growth approach in which RIBER has crafted up market-leading abilities, which is just one of the best positioned. That is why RIBER is component of a joint quantum pcs laboratory application to produce the technological elements enabling them to be constructed.

To produce electrons or photons, it is attainable to use “quantum dots”, which are modest volumes of extremely-pure and ultra-managed semiconductor alloys created and controlled applying MBE. To transportation them, superconductor metals can be utilized with ultra-exact dimensions (atomic scale), inside which the electrons stream undisrupted. The MBE technological know-how is perfect for depositing these superconducting materials in an extremely-pure setting with atomic layer-managed thickness.

These quantum dots and superconductors have to have to be beautifully insulated from their ecosystem, which is achieved by depositing devoted oxide products.

The different levels for producing the quantum dots, superconductors and insulators require numerous deposition chambers which must have an extremely-superior – or pretty much ideal – vacuum in get to stay away from any contamination. Vacuum excellent is section of the excellence offered by RIBER’s engineering for these MBE devices.

An MBE machine for quantum computers will therefore consist of various deposition chambers connected jointly by robots less than extremely-substantial vacuum situations. It might involve 3 to 5 chambers linked by two or 3 robots beneath extremely-significant vacuum circumstances, managed by very advanced supervision software which manages the sample actions and substance deposition method.

With the complexity of this type of tools because of to the amount of chambers and the extremely-purity, extremely-command and extremely-chilly efficiency ranges, this advanced know-how has a marketplace value of quite a few million euros for each machine.

This is illustrated by the purchase declared on Oct 25 for numerous million euros of analysis equipment, like quite a few chambers and products objects, in get to supply a new European research laboratory with the overall flexibility and flexibility of MBE to use components symbolizing foreseeable future quantum computer system elements.

Michel Picault, Chairman of RIBER’s Executive Board, concludes: “The quantum technological know-how is incredibly promising, but it however needs to triumph over some sizeable progress difficulties to construct precise chips. RIBER’s MBE technological know-how will make it achievable to speed up development toward manufacturing quantum chips on a larger scale. Our Joint Laboratory with LAAS-CNRS will assistance us attain this increased degree of technological maturity far more quickly”.


RIBER is the world wide marketplace leader for MBE – molecular beam epitaxy – equipment. It layouts and generates MBE programs and evaporators for the semiconductor sector. It also gives specialized and scientific assistance for its purchasers, sustaining their equipment and optimizing their overall performance and output ranges. By means of its substantial-tech equipment, RIBER performs an important purpose in the growth of advanced semiconductor systems that are applied in various client applications, from details systems to 5G telecommunications networks, OLED screens and up coming-era photo voltaic cells.
RIBER is a BPI France-authorized revolutionary corporation and is mentioned on the Euronext Advancement Paris market (ISIN: FR0000075954).


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