February 24, 2024

Special Session: People-Centred and Green Technology and Innovation – World Urban Forum 11th Session

Special Session: People-Centred and Green Technology and Innovation – World Urban Forum 11th Session


Smart metropolitan areas have the prospective to use digital systems and facts to tutorial better determination-building with regard to prosperity, sustainability, resilience, crisis management or powerful and equitable support delivery.

This session usually takes inventory of the latest initiatives on inclusive good cities. The city digital transformation demands to be extra aligned with countrywide and local priorities, people’s wants, inclusion and human rights things to consider, environmental sustainability, resilience and local climate motion – as established out in the New Urban Agenda and the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Cities as diversified as London, Barcelona, Warsaw, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Singapore and Seoul are taking a much more human-centric solution to smart metropolis transition.

Sub Title

Digital improvements for inclusive and greener cities

Guiding Concerns for conversations

1. How do we ensure that the total opportunity of city engineering and innovation is realized, specially when it arrives to lessening the environmental affect of cities?
2. Voices are significantly staying elevated calling for intercontinental guidelines or ideas on individuals-centered sensible metropolitan areas to help interoperability, co-procedure and the software of sensible towns to obtain globally agreed sustainability ambitions. What should these kinds of suggestions involve?
3. What financing is required to bridge the electronic divide, make sure that the likely of smart metropolitan areas are shared between all city residents and lessen environmental impression?
4. What types of systems are required to set people-centered good towns into exercise? What are the technological know-how funding gaps and how know-how transfer be financed? How can systems enable realize the required ecological transitions.  
5. What multi-stage governance framework, regulations, procedures and techniques are essential for people today-centered good metropolitan areas?
6. How can we set in area the suitable multi-stakeholder collaborations for folks-centered good metropolitan areas. What in particular is the function of the personal sector and public-personal partnerships?
7. How do we go away from the top rated-down, surveillance-based mostly good metropolis technique, toward one that is much more grounded in the requirements of towns and urban citizens?
8. How can wise city initiatives better align with the ambitions in the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs, for case in point delivering affordable and eco-friendly housing, sustainable transportation, green general public spaces and decreased environmental affect of metropolitan areas?