May 24, 2024

Tonewood Brewing to open sustainable facility in Barrington NJ

Less than six years ago, brothers Eli and Taylor Facchinei opened the first brewery in Oaklyn — one that grew in size and following to become one of the most respected craft beer businesses in the region.

On Saturday, the brothers are ready to tap the first beers for customers at Tonewood Brewing’s new facility in Barrington. The much larger brewing and tasting room space has the same welcoming atmosphere as its original, as well as green technology for sustainable production which will greatly increase their output. 

Year after year, the brothers seemed to add more tanks to the Oaklyn brewery until no more could fit inside the 3,000-square-foot warehouse on West Clinton Avenue, they said.

Eli Facchinei works on a batch of Fuego at Tonewood Brewing's new space in Barrington, NJ.

Ready to scale up and in need of a new facility, the Facchineis found the former Mr. Roberts Lumber Center in Barrington to be the best fit for that borough’s first craft brewery.

The new facility, which took more than two years to complete, puts the focus on the craft brewing process, as well as a commitment to mitigating its environmental impact while letting beer lovers learn more about both. 

“It takes our existing concept that we have at Oaklyn of production meets tasting room and amplifies that to the next level — brings the customer, the drinker, front and center to the action,” Eli said.

Taylor Facchinei of Tonewood Brewing in Barrington, NJ.

Reducing the carbon footprint, one beer at a time

As environmentally conscious business owners, Eli and Taylor are all about green technology that reduces the environmental impact of their production.

“We’re trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can,” Taylor said.

To do that, Tonewood has installed a 230-kilowatt rooftop solar array that powers the facility.

It is also the first brewery in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to use a carbon dioxide (CO2) recapture technology at its scale, Eli shared.