May 22, 2024

Top 10 programming languages for students in 2022


Coders use computer programming languages to develop easy-to-use software

A portfolio of top programming skills will help you stay relevant and outperform the rest

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Have you ever wondered why such a long list of computer programming languages are in demand among students? The answer lies in the ever-changing nature of the tech world — this year’s popular programming languages might not be so red hot tomorrow. The trick is to create a portfolio of top programming skills based on your profile and inclination as they will help you stay relevant and outperform the rest.

Here are the top 10 easy-to-learn computer languages for students in 2022:


Do you use Microsoft platforms like Word, Excel and PowerPoint daily? These are mostly built on the C# language, which was developed by Microsoft as a faster and easier to use variant of the language C. Any Microsoft and Windows programming can be easily built with this language. The language also comes with its own code library, making it easier for the coders to work with it. C# is a popular programming language for creating web applications, web applications and web services.


This easy-to-understand language is often taught in school curriculums. Another extension of the C language, C++ is used to develop the platforms that run applications rather than the applications themselves. This language, too, comes with its in-built code library, which makes it easier for any kind of programming. Most computer games and mathematical simulations are built on this language. C++ is used in diverse areas like operating systems, browsers, games and banking applications.


This language is mainly used for building software packages for large businesses where client feedback is a crucial input. This programming language is the first choice for coders when they develop client service applications. In fact, Java is often referred to as the “write once, run anywhere” language. Once written, Java can be run on any platform which supports the language. Apart from business software, it is widely used in developing android mobile operating systems. Java is a stable feature of the IT industry, especially in India.


This programming language allows you to create interactive websites and mobile applications. In fact, its several add-on features provide the coder with extended features that are used to simplify the user experience. It is frequently combined with Node.js to curate digital games and communication applications. JavaScript is most popular in the advertising and marketing industries.


Love browsing through Instagram and Pinterest? Then you know what you can create with Python. This programming language has a simple syntax. With an in-built function and toolkit library, Python is designed to make life simpler for coders. Another benefit of Python is that it can be integrated with other languages such as C and C++ with ease. The language is used in social media sites, artificial intelligence, data science and even financial analysis. Python programming can be applied to any industry like finance, healthcare, insurance, aerospace and entertainment and in positions beyond software development.


Remember how Apple Products blew away the minds of people when they were first launched? Well, Apple devised its own language, Swift, to develop all its devices, right from Mac Computers to Apple watches. Swift allows the coder to design from clients and server perspectives, making it one of the few languages to support both ends. These readable codes run very easily, streamlining the process for the coder.


If you are looking to work with massive data or build programs for data analysis, R is the perfect language for you. R runs on several operating systems and can be used to run on multiple devices. Big businesses often adopt R to analyse their data. It is also the prime component of statistical software packages and machine learning tools. Apart from these, R is used in a variety of industries like finance, data science, banking, e-commerce, healthcare and social media.


One of the older languages in computer programming, PHP is usually used for server-side web development. Since it has been around for a long time, PHP comes with a set of libraries, tools and frameworks developed over the years — this results in quicker and accurate coding. This language is also easier to debug in case of any errors. Most content-based social media sites such as Facebook, WordPress blog and even Wikipedia are often built with the language. As an open-source scripting language, PHP is widely used in small and large industrial applications.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is accepted by the American National Standards Institute as a language that is associated with data analysis. This language is used to store, manipulate and retrieve large databases. It has multiple versions, each of which helps manage large amounts of data.


Love to play with numbers? Then MATLAB is the perfect way of combining your love for Maths and computers. Developed by MathWorks, this language is exclusively used in scientific progress. As modern research requires large amounts of data and numbers on digital platforms, MATLAB helps to sort, analyse and simplify massive piles of data for the user. Model-based design in MATLAB is used by industrial automation and machinery engineers to design and test machine controls and supervisory logic.

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