May 29, 2024

10 Best YouTube Channels For PC Maintenance And Repairs

10 Best YouTube Channels For PC Maintenance And Repairs

As commonplace as desktops are in the 21st century, they’re nonetheless largely a secret to most people today that use them. Even with the newest launch of the Steam Deck, hundreds of 1000’s of homeowners nonetheless have to battle with the constant energy of keeping and fixing their multi-hundred-dollar gadget.

Fortunately, the veterans of the Computer community have come to comprehend that newer men and women have a hard time accomplishing appropriate routine maintenance on their devices. And as this kind of, they took it upon themselves to instruct some others by way of the well known online video-sharing platform, YouTube.


Greg Salazar

A after outstanding craze in the Pc community was articles creators who acquire PCs sent in by supporters to fix on movie as if giving a demonstration. Greg Salazar is someone who’s ongoing that outdated-time custom even these days.

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His videos are exact and to the issue, building them wonderful for viewers who are hunting for rapid reference alternatively than an in-depth discussion. Even though that doesn’t signify he skimps out in explanations. His significant-high-quality location with terrific lights delivers the viewers with a very clear see of the function he is doing.


It is really popular know-how that the extended you possess a thing, the worse the situation receives, and that also applies to PCs. But that does not imply just the actual physical aspect. Even the processes of a PC’s capabilities develop into slower more than time.

In that regard, it really is like videos that have not aged very well for unforeseen explanations. ThioJoe gives numerous movies about Laptop servicing, both equally external and inside issues. That in by itself is some thing not lots of creators present. He gives visible aids for his recommendations to information viewers in the process of maintaining their PCs.


If laptop or computer buyers have a issue, 98{18fa003f91e59da06650ea58ab756635467abbb80a253ef708fe12b10efb8add} of the time, Britec09 has a resolution. With in excess of 2,700 video clips associated to Laptop maintenance, Britec09 has been a outstanding determine in the local community for over 13 several years. Even today, he continues to add video clips resolving other people’s issues.

He tackles every difficulty, from substantial types thousands of people are acquiring more than the planet to very little kinds people today in his remark area are complaining about. His video clips are straight to the place, with no further fluff that would if not distract from the key information.


Carey Holzman is a additional classic YouTuber, indicating he will not use as numerous cuts or transitions but rather gives the viewer the entire system. That can be fantastic for a range of issues, but not fantastic if the viewer has much less than an hour to give.

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Nevertheless, viewers can at minimum knowledge a action-by-action information unique to his channel, which suggests there is certainly no possibility of a confusing action currently being unintentionally skipped. He is extensive in explanations, supplying the “why” instead of just fiddling with the system and telling the viewer to do the identical just because he said so.

Pro Tech Present

When it comes to PCs, there is generally a myriad of complications a consumer has to correct before they can totally declare their machine repaired. Instead than the external or inside components, the Professional Tech Show focuses on software and actually delves into how it could be impacting a system negatively.

Like the worst online video sport consoles at any time made, there is application that may well be preinstalled in a person’s Computer system that is far more destructive than fantastic. The Pro Tech Clearly show showcases this computer software and provides greater possibilities by comparing them. That way, viewers can appear to a decision just before they act and perhaps set them selves in a tough spot.


As the title indicates, this channel focuses on delivering alternatives in a very swift and shorter movie format. That can frequently go away a viewer perplexed, nevertheless, as often they may well will need to rewind in get to capture data appropriately.

However that isn’t going to make the material unintelligible, as the host happens to be the renowned Linus Sebastian, the facial area of the Pc fix and servicing community considering the fact that the early 2010s. The Techquickie channel, on the other hand, supplies solutions to issues consumers have not considered of right before, such as what takes place if a laptop or computer is just not thoroughly shut down. Linus’ voice as somebody who’s produced a person of the best YouTube channels for consolation viewing is very clear and assured, a testomony to all his experience.

Pc Centric

Pc Centric does a assortment of Personal computer-related articles, but for the most section, they concentration on the making and restoring system of a Computer system. With above 500 thousand subscribers, the top quality production of this channel is shockingly higher.

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Their explanations are effectively-believed-out, to the point, and quite often keep an aspect of comedy in them, a variable very noticeable in their modifying style. Fortunately that would not distract from the most important material, as even with these moments, the films appear out to a crisp 10-15 minutes.

Linus Tech Ideas

Though Personal computer repair service and servicing has only been a factor on YouTube for a tiny around a decade, 1 figure has usually stood as the encounter of it. And that figure is Linus Tech Suggestions, a gentleman also known for all through some absurd matters like building a person of the most high-priced video match controllers of all time.

With a staggering pretty much 15 million subscribers on YouTube, Linus Tech Strategies has been renowned for its helpful tutorials and guides when it arrives to Personal computer or electronic-related matters. Often instances he’ll even experiment with newly produced tech to see how they do the job with selected Laptop builds. In all, his intensive historical past helps make him a wonderful resource of information when it comes to just about anything Laptop-linked.


TechSource is a good channel for people today who do not have any prior practical experience with restoring or Computer servicing. His explanations are calm and thorough, his setup is brilliant adequate for viewers to see what’s going on when he conducts his work.

And while he tends to preserve his videos on the shorter side, he talks patiently plenty of that most viewers won’t even know it is over until the finish. By most of his video clips, he goes by the fundamentals when making ready a Computer system for upgrading or servicing, primarily by telling viewers what wires to disconnect and the buy of disassembly.


This articles creator is a veteran in the industry of Personal computer-related matters and their capabilities. In the past, he employed to target on Computer mend and servicing, but nowadays, he’s much more focused on testing and experimenting with the hottest graphic playing cards or other sections. Nonetheless, just about every once in a though, JayzTwoCents will do the occasional repair service on digital camera or a video clip guiding others into the approach.

As this sort of, one particular could assume his backlog to be total of insightful video clips for people today who are accomplishing upkeep on their PCs for the to start with time. Sometimes he’ll even create a Pc on digicam for a movie star or instruct a person he is aware of how to develop a single.

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