June 14, 2024

4 Of The Most Common Laptop Issues

4 Of The Most Common Laptop Issues

Portable computing was one of the most revolutionary technological leaps forward in the last 40 years. Japanese company Toshiba released the first laptop computer in 1985, ushering in a new age. Laptops are now extremely popular. More than half of the population aged 16 and over own one of these miniature computers. Like any other machine, a laptop can run into some problems that impact usability. This article is a quick guide to the four most common issues that afflict modern laptops.

Blank Screen

A completely blank screen after boot up is a frustratingly common occurrence. There are several common reasons for this problem. The simplest reason is also the simplest to fix. Most laptops have a pair of keys that can be used for brightening or darkening the screen. If the screen darkening key has been accidentally pressed before the computer was booted down, the screen will appear blank. Try pressing the screen brightening key to check if your problem wasn’t really a problem after all!

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you might need to try a hard reset. Take the battery out of your laptop and hold the power button down for several seconds before replacing it and starting your computer up. If a hard reset fails, you might need to take your laptop to a shop like Computer Being laptop repair London. Your laptop may have an issue with the physical connection between the screen and the motherboard or a problem with memory units.

Failure to Turn On

One of the most frustrating issues faced by modern laptop users is when a device simply refuses to power up. This is more often than not caused by issues with either the battery or the charger. Chargers are easy to replace and readily available. Batteries, on the other hand, are far more expensive to acquire.

A failure to power on may also be due to poor connections within the laptop itself. Hardware failures are not particularly common in modern laptops, but they do occur on occasion.

Shutting Down And Freezing

If a laptop unexpectedly shuts down or freezes, panic usually sets in. One reason for unexpected shutdowns or long freezes is overheating. Pick your laptop up and feel the bottom. If it is boiling hot, that might be the cause of your problem! You may also have noticed your laptop fan making more noise than usual before the problem came to your attention. Clean out your cooling fan, and your heat sink and your laptop processor has more of a chance of survival when exposed to extreme heat. Make sure to close down any software that you are not using and prevent background running if you are concerned about future shutdowns.

Screen Light Failure

Is your screen so dark that you need to strain your eyes to read it all of the time? You are likely experiencing a screen light failure or a screen inverter failure. It is necessary to speak to a qualified technician if you want to replace these units.