July 21, 2024

Frequency Rocket to Feature Next-Gen Red-light Technology at Leigh Steinberg’s Big Game Event in Arizona 2023

Frequency Rocket to Feature Next-Gen Red-light Technology at Leigh Steinberg’s Big Game Event in Arizona 2023

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“I am considerably honored to be decided on as just one of the leading-showcased technologies in the February 2023 Brain Lounge. Frequency Rocket will also showcase our most recent electrical power, science, and quantum programming innovations,” Jos Daniel, founder of Frequency Rocket.

Frequency Rocket has been decided on to be showcased in the futuristic Brain Lounge at Leigh Steinberg’s 36th once-a-year field occasion. Steinberg’s yearly occasion has been the #1 networking party in which all the legends in sports activities, enterprise, and leisure appear a working day right before the nation’s major and most viewed championship football activity. The yearly Brain Lounge and Brain Summit get put a day prior to the video game on February 11th, 2023, from 12 pm to 5 pm MST, at Salt River Fields Stadium in Scottsdale, and showcases the world’s major technologies in overall health innovation, remedy, and wellness modalities.

Every yr, many of the best athletes, sports medicine health professionals, coaches, trainers, therapists, superstars, and entire world dignitaries eagerly appear forward to viewing the most up-to-date and finest technological innovations at Leigh’s Mind Lounge. As a end result, the Brain Lounge has crafted up a significant subsequent more than the decades as a location to see futuristic athletics tech.

Frequency Rocket is the only purple-light-weight engineering that makes use of a proprietary biophotonic remedy. It is the to start with of its form in offering biophotons in just the suitable wavelengths to optimize your in general nicely-staying. Biophotonic therapy is the use of gentle to market effectively-being and stimulate the therapeutic processes of the human body. Biophotons are light-weight particles in the ultraviolet, considerably infrared, and noticeable gentle spectrum range, and biophotonics entails the interaction among biological beings and photons. This complex conversation can be utilized for many uses, which include therapeutics. While the notion could look novel, biophotonic therapy has been utilized in distinct kinds given that the early 20th century. It is a type of photomedicine, effectively-described by numerous scientific research for its a number of wellbeing rewards.

Frequency Rocket is special because it combines chemistry, physics, and computer system science to form one particular treatment process. Frequency Rocket red light-weight is of two sections. Section one particular is the common pink gentle, the components, and the crimson-light-weight diodes. The Frequency red-gentle mattress has around 41,600 diodes with a electrical power output of 6,500 watts! Aspect two is Frequency Rocket’s proprietary electronic biophonic components shipped to you via the purple-light modality.

The digital biphotonic components are policosanol, methylene blue, L-ascorbic acid, BH4, DHA, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), NADH, glutathione, vitamin B12, growth components – colostrum, oxygen, hydrogen, enzymes, probiotics, flavonoids – quercetin, alkalinity, EMF security, moringa, ketone esters, pine needle oil, iodine, purple algae, VIP (Vasoactive intestinal peptide), stem cells, Schumann resonance, vitamin D3, hydration stage angle, oxaloacetic acid, and Undaria pinnatifida. These are mainly peptides, natural vitamins, important enzymes, and other essential components that can revitalize the human system.

A single of the most frequent ingredients is ascorbic acid, also identified as Vitamin C. Our programming technological know-how can make it vibrate or behave like hydrogen to make a biophoton. This notion enables us to classify ascorbic acid in chemistry and quantum physics. In the entire world of chemistry, it is ascorbic acid, even though in quantum physics, it is hydrogen.

What this means is that Frequency Rocket has designed a futuristic modality by converting natural and organic compounds into biophotons, and the athlete will working experience a drastically improved point out of human psychological and athletic overall performance.

This is an solely new technological know-how disruptor. We use the crimson light-weight to produce electronic ingredients for enhanced sports activities general performance. Frequency Rocket red gentle uniquely delivers you two gains at the same time: pink-light treatment and biophonic digital substances!

Jos Daniel, founder of Frequency Rocket, will showcase his proprietary light techniques bed, which delivers ingredients and vitamins and minerals straight to the human body by light. “I am greatly honored to be picked out as a person of the best-featured technologies in the February 2023 Brain Lounge. Frequency Rocket will also showcase our newest strength, science, and quantum programming improvements.”

Jos clarifies the theory at the rear of his goods, “In addition to getting actual physical well being benefits, biophotonic remedy positively impacts psychological, emotional, and spiritual overall health. It is a holistic, multi-dimensional technique that addresses all features of nicely-becoming. Biophotonic remedy uses light-weight to activate the body’s purely natural defenses to wipe out opportunity threats, infectious agents, or mutated cells. Remarkable info on the study of gentle and its applications reveal outstanding benefits. Gentle in various frequencies and intensities has demonstrated exercise in opposition to different wellbeing ailments – from bodily to mental, emotional, and non secular. When applied thoroughly, light possesses amazing potential, and the apps of gentle for wellbeing can be limitless.”

The world’s major soccer championship will be held on February 12th, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. The event is the world’s most watched yearly sporting celebration: well around 100 million watch the sport on numerous platforms in the United States on your own.

The Leigh Steinberg occasion and Mind Lounge/Mind Summit will be held a day before the game on Saturday, February 11th, from 12 pm to 5 pm MST, at Salt River Fields Stadium at 7555 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.