June 14, 2024

How to open Doc’s secret room and repair the Tracker (The Slums)

How to open Doc’s secret room and repair the Tracker (The Slums)

As soon as you’ve located the 4 Outsider’s Notebooks in Stray, Momo will request you to put in the Transceiver on the radio tower. Soon after that harrowing knowledge, an enthusiastic Momo is prepared to chat with peeps in other places. Sadly, he’s encountered a several troubles and you’ll have to support him yet again. Here’s our Stray guide to enable you with the code to open Doc’s key space so you can repair service the Tracker.

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Stray manual – How to open Doc’s mystery area and restore the Tracker

The code for Doc’s magic formula home

Upon your return to Momo’s apartment in the Slums, you are advised to meet up with him in the bar. There, Momo makes an attempt to join a pc to the network, but a single of the drunk patrons, Seamus, says that it is of no use. You are going to find out that Seamus is the son of Doc (1 of Momo’s fellow Outsiders).

Comply with Momo to access Seamus’ home. Then, go by means of the crawlspace and give him Doc’s Notebook.

Stray Doc's Secret Room Seamus Elliot Poncho Tracker 1a

You will study of Doc’s mystery area in Stray, appropriate in Seamus’ dwelling. To unlock it, scratch the pics that are hanging on the wall to make them tumble off. Just one will reveal a keypad, and a different has a clue expressing: “Time Will Inform.”

Go in advance and examine the hour palms of the four clocks. Critical in the code: 2-5-1-1.

Stray Doc's Secret Room Seamus Elliot Poncho Tracker 1b

Investigate Doc’s top secret home with Marty Seamus. You can hop on one of the cabinets and drive the box to decide on up the Tracker.

Demonstrate the Tracker to Seamus and he’ll say that it is damaged.

Stray Doc's Secret Room Seamus Elliot Poncho Tracker 1c

Fixing the Tracker

When you ask other NPCs about the item, they’ll say that only just one person who’s perfectly-versed in tech would be in a position to deal with it. As this kind of, to fix the Tracker in Stray, you are going to have to converse to none other than Elliot. You will discover his shop in the road to the left of the bar (next to a pair of bots that are sitting on the pavement).

Observe: There’s a excellent likelihood that you’ve by now achieved Elliot if you have been hunting for Sheet Tunes or the Safe’s Mysterious Password.

Strcat Sms Secrm Trc 1

Anyway, Elliot acknowledges the Tracker’s structure and says that he can fix it. However, he’s also extremely chilly and he wants one thing that can keep him heat.

Notice: If you haven’t attained them nonetheless, you are going to need to get the Super Spirit Detergent and Electrical Cable. At the conclusion of that full method, the Grandma bot will give you a Poncho that Elliot can have on.

Strcat Sms Secrm Trc 2

Just after Elliot repairs the Tracker, converse to Seamus and follow him to the edge of the Slums. He’ll open a passageway to a creepy location loaded with muck and decay. Appears to be like you’ll be encountering a lot more Zurks right here.

Strcat Sms Secrm Trc 3

Stray is available via Steam.