May 23, 2024

The 5 Best Free Repair Tools for Windows 11

Your Windows 11 system is composed of interconnected components to keep it running. If one of them goes wrong, your system will encounter issues and may fail. For example, faulty drivers, malware, stuck updates, and other faults can cause nasty issues on your PC.

Once your computer starts showing problems, it can be challenging to find the exact cause. As a result, performing a manual repair can be time-consuming and difficult. However, you can save time by using repair tools that automatically fix your problem.

To help you out, we have listed the best free Windows 11 repair tools below.


There are many all-in-one repair tools available for Windows that promise to repair your system, but Windows Repair is one of the few that delivers. Whether you’re having problems with your registry, file permissions, firewall, or updates, this app can take care of it all.

This tool created by Tweaking has the ability to fix many issues with your system, and at the same time, boost your computer’s performance. This is because the developers of this software have extensive knowledge of various Windows issues, enabling them to provide a comprehensive list of features to fix these problems effectively.

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Windows Repair can perform various fine-tuning with accuracy and precision, providing the result you need. Moreover, it can perform most of its fundamental features at no cost. But if you want to use more of its features, you can upgrade to the pro version.

Despite that, the free tool covers almost everything you need, so the upgrade can wait for major problems that require automatic fixing.

Download: Windows Repair (Free, paid version available)


In most cases, problems happening with your Windows 11 system are often due to incorrect or outdated drivers. While there are some troubleshooting steps you can do to fix corrupt drivers, it comes with actions that can be intimidating to a lot of non-technical users. Manual fixes can also be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you find that none of the solutions are working.

Thankfully, Snappy Driver Installer can help solve driver problems all in one go. This tool scans your PC and finds the latest drivers it needs. However, you still need to choose which driver to update, but apart from that, everything is straightforward. You can also keep it in a USB drive, allowing you to repair other Windows 11 systems as well if need be.

You also have the option to download an SDI Full version that comes with a database of most latest drivers. This means that you can use this version without an internet connection. So, if you are always traveling and have a limited internet connection, you can install the full version in your Windows11 system and just use it when your computer runs into a driver problem.

Download: Snappy Driver Installer (Free)

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If you need to speed up your computer, Advanced SystemCare is the tool for you. This tool will look for unnecessary files and applications that affect your PC’s performance, allowing you to remove them so your system can operate better.

From this IOBit software, you can easily disable startup applications that clutter your computer’s RAM, accelerating its booting time. You also have the option to choose from various automatic modes or perform a manual scan if you think that your computer is running into some issues. In addition, the UI of the tool is modern, unlike many Windows repair tools that offer the same service.

The best part? It has security features that protect your computer from threats and malicious actors. For example, it clears up your privacy traces, including saved passwords, and disguises your fingerprint in over 200 different programs and browsers. It can also fix security vulnerabilities and exploits on your system, as well as block access from suspicious programs to your sensitive data..

Download: Advanced SystemCare (Free)


Unlike the previous tools mentioned, CPU-Z doesn’t automatically repair your computer’s issue. However, this freeware application monitors and profiles all major components of your Windows 11 system. It allows you to detect problems with your PC’s parts, such as the motherboard, RAM, CPU, graphics card, etc., without needing to open the hardware.

This software provides comprehensive information on the components installed in your system and their overall performance and notifies you if it detects any problems. Essentially, CPU-Z gives you all the data you need about your computer without entering complicated commands.

Lastly, the data it provides can be easily read and understood. However, there’s not much else to this tool apart from this, but it can be beneficial to detect hardware problems early on.

Download: CPU-Z (Free)

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If you need a quick solution to your system’s problem, there’s nothing simpler than its built-in troubleshooting tool. When you run into a problem, it may be wise to open this tool before installing third-party software. Microsoft’s fix-it tool is efficient and gets the job done.

To run this built-in troubleshooting tool, all you have to do is click Start > Settings > System > Troubleshoot. From the troubleshoot page, select the components you’re experiencing issues with and click Run the Troubleshooter. The tool might ask you a few questions to understand what exactly is happening to your system. Make sure to answer them appropriately so it can do its job.

There are many repair tools available for Windows 11. Many of them can deliver what they promise, but some still fail to do what they’re supposed to do. However, the best tools for your Windows 11 still depend on the kind of problem you need to address. For example, to boost your computer’s performance, you’ll need an app that can help clean out unnecessary files, apps, and processes.

Keep in mind that finding the best repair app for your system involves trial and error. One software may suit another user’s problems, but not yours. If that’s the case, make sure to uninstall the tool in your system entirely so that you can make way for new apps on your computer.

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